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I’m on a seafood diet everytime I sea food I eat it



Elephant and Castle –Address: 18 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

When you’re wing fan without a wing woman/man, you just go have the wings and that’s what I did. On a quiet Tuesday evening on way to event, I finally lost my Elephant and Castle virginity. I had the famous chicken wings. With a highly unattractive love of chicken wings with an ever love of the food, Elephant and Castle was always a name high on the list for chicken wings bucket list in Dublin. On 6 pm on a Tuesday, the place was yet to have crowd with a rush so a perfect time to get some munch by one’s self. On arrival, I was greeted and brought straight to a table, being honest, I didn’t glance at the menu I was handed as I entered for one single reason. Within 20 minutes of the order, the wings had arrived.

Worth the hype? Being honest yes. If I didn’t like them I wouldn’t write this. (cliche blogger, right?) The wings were spicy and meant for a starter for two. Without being too spicy, they had a great kick off them. Canal Bank Cafe will still be the winner, however, I do have a new friend with a more central location.

The Long Hall – 51 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2

Known to be one of the cities oldest pubs, this is quite an impressive statement in an old city. After many a bus or a stroll past this authentic, unique pub, curiosity finally caved this same evening and stumbled across the threshold to devour a glass of wine. The initial awkward interaction was me needing to run back out for an atm as a transaction under €10 was not viable. As I only wanted/needed to one, it was fine and sorted this. (Still by myself, lolcano, do not have pity on me, I enjoy this). For a Tuesday evening, the pub was really very busy, apart what appeared to be a treasure hunt, quite a few folks were chilling for an after work drink. No loud music, friendly staff, and not coming under the trendy that is currently appearing, it suited me, for my one drink by myself. Would very much recommend it for a place to come if you wanted to catch up for a chat/not get drunk/but want to still have a drink.

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