Dublin Day Out: National Botanic Gardens, Brunch at Fallon and Byrne

The value of experience is not seeing much however seeing it wisely

National Botanic Gardens

When traveling to different cities throughout the world, in the places you can visit, is there anything more peaceful then Botanic Gardens in a city. Gardens or parks of this kind. In the middle of urban sprawl, a place far removed from the traffic and noise to just wander. Located in Glasnevin right beside the cemetery in the National Botanic Gardens. Founded in 1975 by what is now know as the Royal Dublin Society, the botanical gardens are home to many living plants and multi-storey complex which includes training facilities and a cafe. On my experience, I just wondering around aimless for about an hour and a half taking in a natural beauty. Also in my visit to the area, I visited a cafe not far from the entrance called McMahon. Possibly one of the cutest cafe’s, the personal favorite points I need to note are the blankets out front and the doggie bowls also, cause furry friends are the best.

Brunch at Fallon and Byrne

My girls and I do love out food and use any excuse to meet up to involve food. One particular Sunday we met for Sunday brunch at Fallon and Byrne, the Wine Celler. When entering at door level, you go down to the cellar (obvs) the only reservation I have against this, when the weather is better in the summer months, it may proof to be somewhere less attractive. What I did enjoy about the layout tough is the wine itself across the side wall making the set up some bit more authentic. Yes, I know it is called the Wine Celler.

For my brunch delight, I indulged in Smoked Salmon on brown bread with scrambled egg (which was extra) and crushed avocado. I’m really happy I branched out from my usual Eggs Benedict as every inch of this serving went down whole. After we as a group decided on two desserts of mini donuts, salted caramel & Jam. This being honest we were a little less impressed. The chocolate sauce was great though. However, as a whole, the dessert was an average result from us.

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