A day in Helsinki

Early on Sunday morning in Tallinn, I booked a ferry to Helsinki, If you had read my post on how I booked this trip, you’ll see I booked through a company called Tallink. The ferry was leaving Tallinn port at 16.30, which was taking two hours to Helsinki. It was a misty day in Tallinn, the first small bit of rain I had got on my trip but nothing too heavy. Thankfully I left my hostel good and early for the port, it wasn’t too far away by any means, I had a minor mishap on my way. I GOT THE WRONG FERRY TERMINAL and I needed to be checked in 20 minutes early. This was 16.00 when I realized. So with a quick sprint across, I checked in 7 minutes later and board by 16.10 exactly.

The ferry was a passenger/car ferry which they all would be between the two cities. Plenty of floors with restaurants, shops, a bar with even a live band playing. Also on board, large lockers are available for luggage (or people) for a mere €2. By 18.30 I arrived in a very rainy Helsinki, and my commute plans in hand for a tram to my hostel, my tram never arrived. Sure why would it?? Anyhow, with some help from a staff member in the ferry terminal (and google maps) I got on another tram and made my way (in the rain) to the hostel, chilled out after my eventful day and had an early night.

Due to the rain from the day before in Helsinki, I booked the Sightseeing Tour Bus something I would normally not partake in. It never rained the next day, It was positively glorious. With only one full day in Helsinki, the bus tour was still a great opportunity for the day. Starting at the beautiful Senate Square which is home to Helsinki Cathedral, I also explored the Rock Church (yes this is what it is), the flea market, the market in the city center. Walking around the city itself. The drive along the seafront and taking in the sights of the little islands was really quite beautiful.

So I mentioned on my Instagram about a really interesting trip home from Helsinki.

So this post has been a long time coming. When I booked my flight home from Helsinki, I booked with SAS Airlines, to come home via Oslo. The flight duration including a stop over was approx 6 hours to be in Dublin for 11.45. The direct flight was with another airline Finnair, however, at the time of booking had been coming in and about €200 more expensive. When I arrived at Helsinki Airport that morning to collect my boarding pass, I was told my details were flagged. This made me nervous as you can imagine at first until I learned my Oslo flight was overbooked and it was unknown if I could board, I was given a boarding pass to get through security and to be at the gate 15 minutes before departure. I did just this, the plane was overbooked and I never got my flight to Oslo. SAS then arranged for me to get on the Finnair flight direct Dublin, therefore, meaning I would land in Dublin two hours earlier than planned. I laughed at how the overbooking of a flight worked so much to my advantage. SAS also compensated me for the inconvenience (far from it lads). The compensation was more than the cost of the flight.

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