8 Places for Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream in Dublin

Whatever the weather here in Ireland, (preferably warm and unreal though as it totally suits us), this Ice Cream and frozen yogurt have craze has taken Dublin to the next level and we are becoming very continental and trendy meeting for Ice Cream instead of drink. If you have any more favourites we would love to hear about them.


locations in Georges Street Arcade and also Dawson Street.

Plenty of different combination with my favorite location is Georges Street Arcade is authentically fitted with wooden finishings

Unique selling point -apart from the amazing choices…. Guess your own size for a freebie. Nice touch.


Mooch Frozen Yogurt

Location: Dundrum is a newbie and then Georges Street.

A definite high contender for being generally amazing and I once got awesome Nutella protein ball here one day anyhow big fan if the peanut frozen yogurt.

Unique selling point  pink chairs and games


Murphy’s Ice Cream

Location: Wicklow Street

Like what a selection of ice cream and like everywhere (hopefully at least) Irish made with friendly staff.

Unique selling point: from Kerry and I do love a to support the friendly Cork neighbours of mine.

Team practicing our Specials in the Galway shop. Hard work to taste them! 😉 #icecream #ireland #murphysicecream #wildatlanticway

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Gino’s Gelato’s

Location: Grafton Street (twice), Henry Street, Georges Street, Blanchardstown, Liffey Valley and Jervis Street Shopping Centre.

Italian Style Ice cream, hundreds of flavors which you can also put on waffles. Score.

Unique selling point: Apart from the fact they are everywhere so you can trust them. Georges Street layout is pretty awesome.

If you haven't tried our famous Gino Rocher, have you even lived? 😆

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Location: Dun Laoghaire

Possibly a hot contender for being one if the busiest towns in Ireland when the weather is hot.

Unique Selling Point: Forgetting about the 75 people in front of you when you take you first taste.

Obligatory scrummdiddly post #whitegirlgoals #pursuitofcreamyness #sunsouthunsout #loadzafilters 📸💁🏼

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Coco Bo’s

Location: O’Connell Street

Totally one of my favorite places in town, great layout so much to choose from chocolates, waffles, sundaes and ice cream.

Unique Selling Point In the both times I have been here it was never overcrowded and maybe that is due to spacious size while it deserves to be.

Vai um crepe de sorvete de baunilha meu povoo?? Uma das coisas mais engraçadas que provei em Dublin. Um dos meus objetivos do intercâmbio é provar todas essas coisas diferentes e típicas de cada cultura, até pq não dar pra falar "não gosto" sem provar neh? Rsrs E diga-se de passagem, Dublin é o lugar certo para provar coisas diferentes e de culturas diferentes, já que a capital da Irlanda é uma das cidades da Europa com maior mix de cultura. Hoje foi o dia de experimentar o Japanese Ice Cream, super famoso por aqui, principalmente entre a molecada. Sobre o sabor: ótimo, principalmente pra quem é uma formiguinha como eu e adora doces 😂😂 Mas é SUPER difícil de comer, ajudaria mt se a massa do crepe fosse uma casquinha… Seria MUITO mais gostoso para o nosso paladar brasileiroo inclusive rsrs mas não deixa à desejar. Vale mt à pena, e pretendo voltar lá para provar as outras delícias da sorveteria japonesa 👀😜

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Location 33 Bachelors Walk

Last of three frozen yogurts options and only north of the Liffey with tables out front it makes the perfect combo for a lovely day.

Unique Selling Point Pancakes for brekkie or enough choice to make yourself happy.

18 degrees today. You will need a froyo 🍦

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Location: Ranelagh and Aungier Street

Only recently open in the last few months, Scoop is Ranelagh’s newest addition while I haven’t been here, I can’t imagine Ranelagh having a shocking place in their presence.

Unique Selling Point Location and looks real cute from the outside


Aussie Ice

Location: Dundrum Shopping Centre

Like this place is always busy even in the depths of winter so these guys must be doing something right, like maybe being in a warm shopping centre, HA this being said it does say a lot when you always have a good customer

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