7 Things to do in Riga

Riga is the largest city in the Baltic countries and largest in that of Latvia. After hearing ever so slight information about the Latvian city, I was curious and interested in this part of Europe and felt the need to find out for myself. I flew Ryanair on a Wednesday evening and had two full days in Riga, which was enough to see a great chunk of the city.

From wondering and exploring, learning a new culture, every city needs some curiosity and an open mind. Here are a few things why I recommend a stay in Riga

  1. Visit the Central Market – Not a far walk from Old Town Riga, the market is the heart of Latvian and Riga market trade. Full of locals doing a daily shop to tourist making their way through. Full of fresh veg and fish, one not to be missed and if you want to do some normal shopping there is a shopping centre next door as part of the train station.
  2. Take a day trip to Jūrmala – Never went when I was in Riga, yet heard so many lovely stories about the area. However, this summer resort is not far from Riga and seems to be really popular.
  3. On my second morning, I did a Free Walking Tour. Personally, I love doing walking tours on the first morning as I gather a bearing for the city, The guide was great and friendly, learned quite about Riga’s history.
  4. Eat some local food and drink. bad blogger very limited food photos, this being said, my favorite dish which I have pictured below was Latvian Borscht Soup in a bread bowl. I ate my bowl.
  5. Get lost in the Old Town. This to me was just super amazing and my most enjoyable part of my stay. I love arriving at new cities getting lost down the cobblestone streets, exploring the churches and basking in the history.
  6. See all of Riga fro, the viewing point in the Latvian Acadamy of Sciences. Actually came across this slightly by accident. Located near the central market, for just a few euros you can get entry to the top with views throughout the city.
  7. Visit the Freedom Monument, is a tribute to all those who lost their lives during the Latvian War of Independence. Latvia just like it’s neighbor Baltic States has a history of independence, a history I knew so little about before embarking on my trip.

Getting around Riga, I found very easy and accessible. Personally, I walked everywhere I need to go. The only public transport I got was on arrival in Riga, I got a taxi which cost a mere €14. Also on leaving Riga, I got a bus to Tallinn which was only just €12. If going to Riga I would really recommend to combine it with a trip to Tallinn, as the cities are so close.

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