6 Things to Tallinn

Tallinn was my favorite city of the three cities (Riga, Helsinki also) that I visited on my recent trip. Not that I didn’t fall in love with Riga and Helsinki, however, Tallinn has a character and charm that I just felt connected with. The Estonian capital on arrival was lunch time on a June Saturday, a little chill in the area. I’ve often been accustomed to the word ‘Baltic’ been used to refer the feeling of cold. I now really can relate to that some much more after being in the Baltic States.

After arriving in Tallin into the bus station from Riga, I accessed the tram to where I was staying in a hostel called ‘Fat Margarets’ near the ferry terminal. The hostel was perfect and really well located.

So here are 6 things I got up to in Tallinn or I recommend:

  • When I first arrived in Tallinn, I went straight to a walking tour with Traveller and the guide was a lady named called Heli, and no word of a lie, She was the most memorable, charismatic, energetic guide I had the pleasure to experience. Her passion for Estonia her sense of humor. Of all city guides, she’s been my favorite.
  • One of the recommendations I received was visiting the KBG Museum in the Hotel Viru. Being honest this part of Estonia history and the Soviet Union, I am so ashamed to admit, I knew so little about, here in the KBG Museum is a unique opportunity to get insight into this history up to very recently in 1991 when it was left by the KBG.
KBG Museum
  • My one regret of the whole trip was not visiting Tallinn Legends. A new attraction to the city, this gives you an opportunity to experience the Tallinn middle ages through interactive performances.

  • Visit the many museums including the Museum of Occupation which is a real insight to the history of Estonia occupation by other countries. I really enjoyed this museum more than I expected too.

  • While Estonians themselves are not religious, the country itself comes with many churches. Some not used for religious reasons. Walking through the old town, the most captivating church personally for me was Alexander Nevsky Cathedral which is an Orthodox cathedral.

  • Spent a day walking through the old town of Tallinn, walk up to one the viewing points taking in the city which resembles a fairy tale city.

Getting to Tallinn from Dublin is pretty easy with direct flights with Ryanair. Personally, I arrived on a bus from Riga and a ferry to Helsinki as you do. Read more about my trip Here

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